Mark Hall, President of CNCC

Congratulates our 2014 Car Show Winners



Best of Show

Jim and Peg Kritek

1960 C1, Stock 




Class A-C1 Stock

Jim (and Peg) Kritek, first place.

Not pictured-Tom Traficanti, second place


Class C-C2 Stock

Ernest Mogenson, first place

Barry Antonson, third place

Carl (and Joyce) Colletti, second place.


Class E-C3 Stock

Wayne Wallin, first place

Clive Fishman, second place

Dan Diblick, third place

Class F-C3 Modified

Paul Plotnick, first place

Steve Luoma, second place

Mike Decker, third place


Class G-C4 Stock

Larry Lashin, first place

Rich Harder, second place

Thomas Van Zeyl, third place



Class H-C4 Modified

Tom Arvidson, first place

Neal Raffeld, second place


Class I-C5 Stock

Jim Holderfield, first place

Bob Belmonte, second place

Jack Schippman, third place


Class J-C5 Modified

Adam Drag, first place

Larry Nelson, second place

Walter Janke, third place (tie)

Not pictured-Rick Weinmann, third place (tie)


Class K-C6 Stock

Rocky Moran, first place

Ron Schluter, second place

Michael Kent, third place


Class L-C6 Modified

Cliff Steif, first place

Bill Blaze, second place.

Not pictured-J. Allmanberger, third place


Class M-C7 Stock

Joe Gaffin, first place

Eric (and Dee) Norlin, second place

Joel Bauer, third place


Class O-Special Interest

Bill McNease, first place

Linda (and Randy) Sarlo, second place

Charlie Harrell, third place

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